What are the advantages of working for The Staffing Connection?

We believe in connecting local job seekers with top companies across Central Ontario. Our employees gain valuable work experience and a weekly paycheque while working directly with local employers.

Working with our team helps to bring our job seekers to the front of the line when new positions become available. Through our “Temp to Hire” program contract-based or temporary positions often result in full-time, permanent positions within three months!

How does The Staffing Connection get me a reliable job?

Granted you meet our agency requirements, you will be added to our database as a Staffing Connection employee. When local work becomes available, these jobs are offered to our employees first!

Our staffing process begins with the employees who have most recently called in for available work. If you accept a work placement, you will be given shift details and will be expected to arrive for your scheduled shift.

Why wouldn’t I just apply directly to the company?

There are various reasons. Some common ones are: Many of our clients hire us to do their recruitment for them and do not hire direct at all. Other times, the process with the company is very long and the company needs the help more immediately. Also, some candidates who otherwise would qualify are not successful when they apply directly but are successful when they are recruited through The Staffing Connection!

Do you charge job seekers for your services?

We never charge our employees for working with us! We do not deduct any services or registration fees from your weekly pay cheque. 

Do you take money off of my wages?

We do not take any money off of employee wages. It is the clients who pay for our services. It is illegal to deduct money off of wages unless you are the government deducting taxes. If any company is taking money off of your wages they should be reported to the Ministry of Labour.

How do I get paid?

All of our employees are paid weekly on Fridays. If employees provide us with their Direct Deposit form then we can pay by EFT, otherwise cheques are available at any of our four conveniently-located offices. Our payroll department is accessible during regular business hours to assist with any payroll questions our employees might have.

Why didn’t I get paid?

It is likely that we do not have approved hours for the work you are expecting to be paid for. Ensure that all hours are submitted on time each Monday by 10 am which will be paid on the following Friday. Missing this deadline will only result in a delay in processing your pay. If you would like to confirm that your hours were submitted correctly please contact our payroll department during regular business hours.

What are your covid protocols?

We follow the Public Health guidelines at our offices. Each of our clients have different protocols, so it would depend on what position you qualify for.

What do I need to bring on my first day of work?

This answer depends on the job that you have accepted. This will all be discussed when the job offer is being made and will also be on the information sheet that is provided when you accept a position. Typically the #1 thing that is required for majority of our positions is CSA Approved footwear.

I don’t have transportation – How do I get to my job?

Unfortunately, transportation is something that employees must have on their own. We do have some clients where transportation is provided via an arranged shuttle, but this is on a case-by-case basis.

Are these jobs available to people from out of the region? Province? Country?

All of our jobs are in-person at a physical location, typically a factory or warehouse. It is impossible to perform labour duties virtually. We are however, willing to consider candidates out of the region who are moving to this region, but not outside of the Country unless you already have an Open Work Permit.

Do I need to be a Canadian citizen?

You do not need to be a Canadian Citizen, but you do have to be legal to work in Canada.


What are the benefits of working with The Staffing Connection?

We work hard to save your business time and money. Simple as that. 

Our extensive database of talented and local candidates is pre-screened and vetted so you can rest assured that our employees have the right skills and qualifications to meet your needs. 

We save you time by managing the process of advertising available jobs, conducting interviews and managing the hiring and scheduling process. Our comprehensive services save you the costs of recruiting, screening and training employees. 

What do you require from employers?

As a new employer client, an Account Manager will be assigned to your portfolio to learn more about your business and staffing needs. In order to develop a comprehensive staffing strategy, our Account Managers require:

  • Job descriptions of your available roles
  • Operating schedules and shifts required
  • Personal Protection Equipment required for the job
  • A tour of the work location
How much are The Staffing Connection employees paid?

Pay rates differ depending on the company, transportation methods, and skills required. Employees are paid weekly by cheque, which is available for pick up at our office locations. 

What happens if a candidate quits or is let go?

We pride ourselves on creating beneficial employment matches for both our employees and employers. If a Staffing Connection employee quits or is let go, we will quickly fill the position with another qualified, pre-screened employee from our extensive database. 

Didn’t find the answer you were looking for? Contact The Staffing Connection team today.


The Staffing Connection is a locally owned and operated business with four office locations in Peterborough, Barrie, Cobourg and Oshawa Ontario. Serving the entire Central Ontario region, we provide recruitment and hiring services for various industries and job positions. We help match talented individuals with part-time, full-time, and contract-based work in their local area. 

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